Android App not available for Android 13 or later Phones

The Android app is not available in the play store if an android phone is running android 13 or later. When will the code base for the android app be updated?

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I’m also interested in this. We are looking for a platform to help with communications. THe chat features look great, but without the app it’s a deal breaker.

Dave is working on getting the app updated. It’s a process.

This is becoming a big issue for our users. New Android phones can’t access the system via app.

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Have there been any updates about this? I just started a free trial hoping this would be a good solution for my girl scout troop, but not being able to test out the app myself and with some of my members is going to be a huge hindrance.

Its been 23 days and I STILL can’t use the app. This is extremely frustrating when you have a troop of over 60 gurl scouts and need to access information quickly. Yes, I can log onto the web browser on my phone but that is so slow most of the time.

Any progress on this?