App not working iPhone 12 mini

My troop track app will not work at all on my phone (iPhone 12 mini). I have been trying to get in for several days. I have uninstalled the app, reinstalled, restarted phone… no idea what is going on and not finding anything online. Anyone have suggestions?

(See photo— When I open the app, the open screen comes up for a millisecond and then it goes to this screen… and stays this way)

What iOS version are you running?

16.0.3 - I think the most updated?
I was able to get into the app yesterday, but this screen would still spin for several minutes before it let me in.

Interesting, I updated to 16.0.2 and it worked normally, I updated to 16.0.3 and it is slower. Unfortunately this is something that Apple must have changed. It is working but definitely slower.