Badge Inventory

Could we have another table that allows us to enter badge and patch inventory so that we can use it against the awards earned and get an accurate shopping list?


Welcome to the community Brandy, this is a great idea, I know we often end up with inventory of items and our Advancement Coordinator has to go through and manually check the most recent earned awards against what they have in stock. This would be a great way to help with that. I do know from experience even great ideas that are supported by a large number of community members take time to implement, unfortunately it often isn’t just a simple task to add a feature. TT is a small company and while they do a great job with this system, they have limited resources to implement new ideas. Thanks.

This is also something I would love to see. It would help particularly when I realize I am ready to shop the list, but forgot to check our current inventory before that day.

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