Deactivate old achievements

As the pack’s site admin;
I’d like all the older, no longer valid achievements be deactivated via script/programatically;
So that my den leaders do not see all these old, outdated achievements as valid choices when they go to manage/add their den’s achievements this year and we don’t get errors when submitting the Internet Advancement Report to TurboNet.

As the pack’s site admin;
I would like to be able to check all/uncheck all the checkboxes on the Active Achievements admin page;
So that I can quickly disable the seemingly 1000+ list of old, no longer valid cub scout achievements then go back and only enable the small amount that are current…

Currently, there must be over a thousand options, all checked, on the Manage Active Achievements admin screen. I’m guessing only 1-200 of them are currently valid choices to submit to bsa for cub scouts. You must have a script to deactiveate these old items you can run?


To add to this, is there a definitive list of what the current active achievements are for Cub Scouts? I would also like to deactivate all of the old ones but am unclear on which ones are valid. For example ones like these:

Tiger Cub
Tiger Cub Electives
Tiger Shooting Sports Patch
Tiger Slingshot Pin