Does Troop Track integrate with Lodgemaster (Order of the Arrow)?

We are evaluating Troop Track in light of the demise of SOAR.
We did not use SOAR for tracking advancement (last year we migrated from Troopmaster to Scoutbook)

Scoutbook really doesn’t keep the details on Order of the Arrow members (like levels, or when they were elected etc)

Our plan is to have Troop Track loaded from the SOAR CSV files. What I’d like to do then is to have some (non-manual) way of updating the OA-relevant information in Troop Track from Lodgemaster.

Is this possible? Or should I be following another approach?

(sorry - we’re having to make a move in a hurry, like many others, and I haven’t had the time to dig into this)

Carl Sommer - Troop 202 OA Advisor - Cary, NC

I do not believe TT has any integration with Lodgemaster, I have never seen any posts about it nor had any experience with it in my many years as a user of TT. @dave, have you done any integration with Lodgemaster for OA integration to TT?

I’ve never heard of Lodgemaster

Fair enough. @dave if you’d like to reach out to me we can do a google meet screen share, I can show you what it is, and why it might be important. Most? All? OA lodges use this for tracking their membership and events. Or so I’m told. (we are in a fairly large lodge, and my troop is one of the larger ones in the council, so I have a constant back-and-forth of seeing who is registered for events, especially ordeal candidates)

Order of the Arrow - LodgeMaster (
OA LodgeMaster Support Center - OA LodgeMaster Support Center - OA Confluence (

It’s a tight group of OA volunteers, under the auspices of the OA National Committee.
Think of it as the equivalent of Scoutbook, but only for OA.


@Troop202Cary Hi Carl. If you can get an export of the file you want loaded from Lodgemaster, send it to me at and I’ll figure out if we can import it.

I’m playing with the various Lodgemaster exports, and I’m starting to believe that it’s not terribly worth the effort. I’m not sure my use-case is strong enough to merit it, at least in our case. I can’t get any of their exports to show me what I’d want anyways. So I think there’s a reason this never came up before.

Did SOAR have a sync with Lodgemaster?

Thanks for the update Carl! Adding an importer is pretty easy and I don’t mind doing it if the file is usable.

not to my knowledge - but we had used SOAR for a long time, so a one-time importer wouldn’t be nearly as useful for us as synchronization importer