Import your Equipment List Instantly

Upload files for this importer like this.

We recently made an Equipment importer! You can now send us a spreadsheet of your equipment items and we can import them for you instantly. The spreadsheet should follow the pattern of our equipment export spreadsheet:

Required Columns:

  • Name
  • Condition

Optional Columns:

  • Description
  • Location
  • Patrol name
  • Expires on (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Purchased on (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Cost

The order of the headers doesn’t matter, and any other headers will be ignored. The condition should be one of: ‘Like New’,‘Good’, ‘Usable’, ‘Needs Fixing’, ‘Needs Replacing’, or ‘Needs Maintenance,’ otherwise the item won’t be saved. Dates should be in DD/MM/YYYY format.


| Name      | Condition    | Description   | Location    | Patrol name | Expires on |
| Shovel 1  | Like New     |               | Mike's Shed | Patrol2     |            |
| Trailer 2 | Good         | 12 ft trailer |             | Group 3     | 01/10/17   |
| Truck     | Needs Fixing |               |             |             |            |

Can you make one of these for importing our Troop library? I can help supply the Column headings.

It’s been done. We only store titles, descriptions, and conditions of book (besides information about whether they’re checked out or not), so that’s what you can import.

The library importer isn’t live yet, but will be soon.

Edit: The library importer is ready, @IowaFossil. Here’s the user guide page for it.

Would we have to send this to you every time? I see an export click, but not an import. We just got a new shed (very exciting) and want to fill it with inventory that’s been stored in everyone’s garages. :rofl:

For now, yes, the files have to be sent to the helpdesk every time. We’re working on making this and other importers available directly without the helpdesk, but that’s not available yet.

Okay thank you. It sounds like a girl leadership data entry job for now. :smile: This will be great. Thank you for all your work on TT.

Could this be used to update existing equipment items, or is import only for adding new equipment? For example, if we move a large portion of our equipment to a new storage location, can I export my inventory, bulk edit the location field, then re-import the file, or would I need to edit each item manually through the equipment pages?