IMPROVED: Mobile menu

On a large screen, having three menus at the top hasn’t really been an issue. But on mobile devices, it takes up a lot of vertical space. So I combined the menus on mobile device so there is only one header across the top. See below.

This is on a large screen:

This is on a small screen:

Here it is again with the menu expanded:

NOTE: I haven’t pushed this to the beta site yet. It should be there sometime this weekend.

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I am thinking this Mobile Menu update may have effected the computer menu, so far in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on Mac I don’t get the second menu for any pages, Calendar, Money, Individual Profiles, are some of the ones I have checked so far. I have tried the Default, Cerulean, Cosmo, Cyborg Themes, all the same. I have cleared out my cache and cookies as well just to make sure it wasn’t something that was just on my computer. Here is an example of what I am seeing on someone’s Money page.
.Screen Shot 2019-12-16 at 4.23.54 PM
I did find if I make the screen smaller then the Mobile menu shows up and I can get to the second level menus in order to access those items.

Yeah, the current menu is a little messed up. I’m working on it.

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I just pushed a fix for the mobile menu. Thanks @Tyler for figuring it out!