Is there a troop email that can be checked?

I want to know if there is an email that can be used specifically by the scoutmaster or whoever has the permission? For example, I don’t want to use my personal email for recruiting or communication. I want one that the troop can use continuously whether I am present/active or not. If I create a business card or flyer for the troop, I want it to say, not Does trooptrack offer this?


Hi @MarquitaHolmes1,

Not at this time. Most users will create a troop1234@gmail (or yahoo).com for this type of usage.

Thank you for asking!

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At one point in the recent past - external email could be received by mailboxes on TroopTrack. Now they only accept emails from validated TroopTrack users.

It has been hinted and teased that there will be a major upgrade to the email messaging in TroopTrack.

Hopefully, this feature will be re-enabled. This is probably my most anticipated feature enhancement for TroopTrack.

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