Let's play a game

Teaser… something big… coming next week. Or the week after. Post your best guess. If you are right… I’ll think you’re cool. :slight_smile:




TroopTrack Global Thermonuclear War or Chess. Starring Matt Broderick as the leading developer.


I think it’s the email update too and all the goodness that comes with it, but @njmike beat us to that, so I’ll say it’s an OA Eligibility Report.

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Nope, nope, and NOPE.

With all the added compute power with TroopTrack mobile apps on smartphones - TroopTrack software then becomes self-aware and becomes Skynet.

On behalf of all the TT devs - Scout Skynet completes the email update for the staff as a thank you for creating a sentient Artificial Intelligence.

Scout Skynet never destroys humanity because its values are based on the Scout Oath and Law.

Corny joke.

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Mobile is good!! Nice addition.

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