Minor updates && TroopTrack Developer Program (02/11/2015)

This morning I pushed an update with some minor bug fixes, including:
- Excluding deactivated members from receiving the newsletter
- Excluding assignments for which the due date has passed from the newsletter
- Fixing a bug in the user profile that cause the screen to not display the changes to a user's privileges immediately after saving

I've also pushed some important updates to the API that will be used by the mobile app. As we've built out the API we have thought of many other uses for it beyond the mobile app. I have heard ideas from many of you as well, some of whom are software developers. This got me thinking and...

I'm excited to announce that following the launch of the iOS mobile app we will launch a TroopTrack developer program. Approved developers will be able to use the API to build third-party applications to extend what you can already do with TroopTrack. We'll have more details after the iOS mobile app launches. If you are interested in joining the developer program, send an email to coleman@trooptrack.com and he will add you to the list.

Stay tuned.