Mobile photo uploads, permission slips, and PDF improvements (09/23/2015)

A couple of updates this morning...

1) Photo uploads from the mobile app (…/a…/trooptrack-mobile/id1002622052) now work. You don't need to update the app version to get this fix.

2) Overlapping table headers on PDFs have been fixed. Here's what that means: ugly unreadable text on the top of PDFs is gone.

3) The BSA permission slip has been updated to use the 2014 version.

Also, I'd like to add a quick note about our enhancement process. Sometimes when we release an update we will get a comment along the lines of "It's nice that you did this, but you really should be working on X instead". These comments sometimes imply that we just work on the stuff we want to work on and ignore requests from users or that we only work on "new" features instead of "fixing" existing ones.

That's not how we roll, not at all. Pretty much everything we work on is driven by user requests. We do our best to work on the things that are requested the most, impact the most users, or seem the most important for operating a unit. We aren't perfect at it. Sometimes we aren't even good at it. But that's how we operate, and we sincerely hope that our efforts to make TroopTrack better every single day are paying off for you.

~ Dave