Money Account and Transactions

I am just getting started with the Money end of things in TT and need lots of help. We do not have anyone with bookkeeping or treasurer knowledge. I was able to create the Troop Account based on the instructions in the guide. I have created the Scouts accounts. I am trying to enter their payments for Winter Camp. Am I to initiate the entry through the Troop Account or through the Scout Account? Is the payment entered as a deposit from parent as in the guide example? What do I enter as Payee? When is Transfer Funds used? When the Troop pays the check for Winter Camp, is it at that time that I withdraw the funds from each scouts account? It would be helpful to have more scenarios displayed in the TT guide. We do not have the boys logging into the system as yet, so we are not paying through the RSVP method, which I read about today in the user community comments. How to handle the money accounts is the only part of Troop Track I have had difficulty with. Other than this, I have found it very user friendly. The User Community has really been very helpful. My thanks to all of you!