Money Account Basics

I cannot think of a way for this to happen automatically. You would have to create separate manual transactions.

I am a new treasurer trying to log a payment for a relatively new scout who apparently does not yet have an account. She does appear on the roster/directory, so she must be a member? But when I try to “Add Account”, her name is not in the dropdown menu as a potential owner. The “Owner” menu only shows a small number of youth and adults.
Based on your user guide, I believe “Name” means type of account, not scout name; and “Owner” means scout name, not the person who manages the account. Is this a correct understanding?
How can I add this member as a scout account in the money book?
Also, is there a more detailed manual available?
Thank you.

P.S. The youth in the dropdown menu are my own kids who already have accounts, plus a few seemingly random adults from the crew.

Based on your P.S. it sounds like a permissions issue. Do you have Access Level: Unit, and, Manage money accounts: Add debits and credits to youth money accounts? You can find your access level by going to the User menu with your name, Your Profile, Privileges.

I am not the treasurer, but I am the admin of our TT account - is there a reason to have a new account created for each calendar event? It very much clutters up our accounts page, and we don’t use them. Is there a way to turn off them being created every time we add something to the calendar?

Hi @KatieB,

We’re currently working on a fix for that issue. It shouldn’t be creating money accounts for each event unless that’s enabled. Our tech team is close to fixing it.


David Keener


@Keener-Trooptrack When you say “unless that’s enabled”, what do you mean? Is there a way to turn off creating money accounts for events (or to change the default option under Advanced from “create new account” to “troop account”)?

At first, I thought you were maybe talking about the “Use TroopTrack to track your troop’s finances?” option in TroopTrack Settings. But if I turn that off, then we can’t use ANY money accounts. And when I created a new event with that option turned OFF, and then turned it on again, an account for that new event had been created.

So, am I right in thinking that currently, the ONLY way to NOT create new money accounts for events is to remember to go under the Advanced tab and change the Money account setting from “Create New money account” to something else? I discovered that deleting the newly created money accounts is not enough to get rid of them. I did that for all the events that had been created recently; then someone went in and edited five of the events… and those five money accounts were created again!

I’d love this to be changed. I will tell all my leaders to change that event setting in the future whenever they create events, but I’m guessing many will forget, and as Treasurer, I’ll be deleting event money accounts on a regular basis…

Hi @schwammrs,

I mean that when you use TroopTrack to track your troop’s finances, and you go to create an event, from the “advanced” tab it can allow you to choose to create a new money account for that event. The money account will automatically be named after that event, so for clarification it shouldn’t be creating new money accounts unless that option is selected when creating an event.

Yes when you select a different money account, then an event account won’t be created. The reason that new money accounts are being created when that event is edited is because in the advanced tab you will need to change which money account is being used for that event. You can also click the gear icon, “online payments”, then scroll down to “default money account for event items”. This will automatically select (which ever account you choose) to be the event account for each event, then new events won’t be created each time an event is created/edited.


David Keener

Thank you! I had no idea about the “Online Payments” option under the gear icon! That solved everything for me!

Is this true even when you aren’t using online payments? I’d really like to get rid of the event options, but don’t see a spot to change anything to the default event account.

Hi @TroopNC0800,

So that’s the bug that is being reported, and that our tech team is working on.

When that setting is turned off event accounts are being created, but they shouldn’t be.

Our tech team is already aware of this issue, and working on it.


David Keener


I see that this was and issue in 2020, but it appears like it has started happening again in the last couple of months. Is there a way to turn off any new event from creating a money account.

For myself as the troop treasurer it means that I need to go in and delete event money accounts any time a new event is created

I figured out what my problem was. The default account for online payments was closed. Once I determined this and reopened the account, the issue went away.

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