Money Account Basics


I cannot think of a way for this to happen automatically. You would have to create separate manual transactions.


I am a new treasurer trying to log a payment for a relatively new scout who apparently does not yet have an account. She does appear on the roster/directory, so she must be a member? But when I try to “Add Account”, her name is not in the dropdown menu as a potential owner. The “Owner” menu only shows a small number of youth and adults.
Based on your user guide, I believe “Name” means type of account, not scout name; and “Owner” means scout name, not the person who manages the account. Is this a correct understanding?
How can I add this member as a scout account in the money book?
Also, is there a more detailed manual available?
Thank you.


P.S. The youth in the dropdown menu are my own kids who already have accounts, plus a few seemingly random adults from the crew.


Based on your P.S. it sounds like a permissions issue. Do you have Access Level: Unit, and, Manage money accounts: Add debits and credits to youth money accounts? You can find your access level by going to the User menu with your name, Your Profile, Privileges.