Money Account transaction for badges/ awards?


In our troop, our annual fee includes money to pay for 2 badges earned during the year. Usually girls complete other badges at home, so they end up earning more than 2 badges.

I am new to the treasurer role, and trying to figure out the best way to keep track of who owes money for additional badges and awards. One idea I had was to add an additional column in Achieve > Present Awards called “Charge Money Account” or something similar.

If you checked the box next to a particular award for a particular girl (or girls) and hit Save, you would be prompted with the box that asks for the name/ description of the transaction, the amount of the transaction, and whether it is a Transfer. (I do not understand how to use the Troop Primary Account, and worried it would make things more complicated since we don’t use it for our other deposits. For now, I just want to know how much each family owes for additional badges when we place our order.) It would be nice if each transaction included the name of the badge it was associated with.

It would create one transaction per badge, for each girl…

If possible, it would be nice to be able to refund the account by un-checking the box at a later date (or maybe you made a mistake, or the family changed their mind about ordering that particular badge). Unchecking the box would delete the transaction in the girl’s money account. Perhaps once the money account has been reconciled, the checkbox would be grayed-out and unable to refund?

Maybe once you check the “Purchased” box, it would make it impossible to refund? Or would mark the transaction as reconciled? Would gray out the “Charge Money Accounts” checkbox?

Just my thoughts on this. I am nervous about using Money Accounts, since it seems a little complicated.

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I love this idea! Currently we do individual invoicing with the TT Money Accounts. Last year we had 80 some girls, our troop pays for 4 badges per girl. We had to keep track manually how many badges each girl earned, then when they passed the 4 mark, we’d start invoicing them. The option to invoice when

We invoice 3 times a year. I did manage to cut it down on time by just entering bulk transactions for all the girls who needed to pay for 1 extra badge, I’d mark it as “Owes for 1 Badge” and the cost. Then the next set of girls who owed for 2 badges.

Our troop does family accounts instead of individual accounts per girl. We have several families who have more than one girl in the troop and it’s easier to manage than doing individual girls. At least for us. Right now, we only use TT for invoicing families for registration, uniforms, badges, and such. We keep track of the money families turn in for those items as well. We don’t really invoice for anything else. Our yearly fundraiser covers all our events.

If you have any questions on how we use it (as we are sorta unconventional :wink: ) just send me a PM and I’ll see if I can help.