Progress Reports in TT4

Hi @dave,

Manage > Units > scroll to Progress Report

In TT4, the names of the girls go off the page to the left as you scroll to the right. By the time you reach the column you are interested in, you cannot see whose record you are looking at.

Also, the column headers go off the top of the page as you scroll to the bottom of the list of girls.

It is hopeless if you are looking for a Pioneer with a last name that starts at the end of the alphabet! Her name scrolls off to the left because she is working on Pi/Pa requirements, and the requirement #s scroll off the top because of her last name is at the end of the alphabet! :frowning:

This was the best page for helping leaders with planning, and we are entering into our planning phase now. It would be great if it could display all the information at one time.


Hi @mwestcott1,

Thanks for the feedback. Awesome! Great idea. Maybe it would be better if we made the headers of the columns stick? Would that solve the issue?

Can you maybe provide a screenshot of what you are talking about so we can better communicate to our tech team to fix this.


Hi @Tyler. Thanks for your response!
I don’t know anything about making the headers of the columns stick. :slight_smile:

This is what I see when I first click on Progress Report. It is fine:

When I scroll down to see other girls:

Then when you scroll to the right, you can’t see the names or the requirements:

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong, or if you need more information.
Thank you so much!