Add Awards for Adults earned at summer camp

Can we add the following achievements to be available to record against the adults in the Troop?

Mile Swim
50 Miler
Duty to God Philmont
Wilderness Pledge Achievement Award
Trail of Courage

Hi @MatthewPodraza,

I will assign our awards specialist @melissa to this. She will let you know when it’s finished.

Thank you!

Hello @MatthewPodraza

These awards are available in our system under “Other Awards” Let me know if you do not see them there. :slight_smile:

The only awards I have available to assign to Adults are Service Stars and our custom awards.

Thank You,

Matthew Podraza

Ok, I will look into this.

@MatthewPodraza We have these awards available for adults under “Adult Awards”. How are you trying to add them? Individual or Bulk? I was able to add the awards from the adult’s profile.

Hi Melissa (@melissa) ,

I actually just googled this topic trying to figure out if there was a way to do it. Here is what I am seeing on my end. I am just on my trial period and trying to get things set up, so it is very likely that I have something improperly configured.

If I go through bulk awards, I can see where these adult awards like mile swim/50 miler are available for selection, but only boys show up as being able to select.

If I go into an adult’s profile, under the achievement button, and select start achievement, I can only see the service stars and varsity scouting badges. I don’t see that same list that is available under bulk awards.

Hope that helps to figure out the disconnect.

From my adult profile > The Achievements Tab > click Start Achievement.

I only see the service stars or our custom awards able to be selected.

I randomly spot checked a few adults with the same process.

My account, Beth Bugbee, Robert Roos, David Dye cannot add the awards.

Lisa French, Jamie Imhoff, Patrick Mountain - these accounts I can see the awards to add.

I do notice while clicking around that those people that I cannot add the award all have all the Scout “Ranks, Merit Badges and Other” sub tabs. All of these adults - the awards are not editable.Those that I can add the awards do not have those sub-tabs.


I found a work around which I think will identify where the logic is connected. In my case, I was wanting to add mile swim to an adult. I went back to the member profile and checked them as being youth. Then I went to bulk awards and they showed up in the list as being eligible for adding a bulk award.

I selected mile swim from the long drop down and saved it. It properly attached it to the member. I then went back and deselected the youth check box in the member profile and the award stayed.

I think the logic for showing what awards are available for selection are tied to whether or not someone is selected as youth. There is no problem with an adult having that award in their profile, but it is not showing up in the menus to be able to be added.


I checked one other thing and it was a little strange. With youth selected, when I went through the member profile and the achievements tab, the available achievements to add did not show the full list. They are still just showing the varsity pins and the service starts.

For some reason, selecting youth enables you to get picked up for inclusion in bulk awards, but still does not make the full award list available for selection at the individual profile level.

@MatthewPodraza @john.lodmell

I am going to ask why you cannot see the adult awards for some people. There must be a bug in the system. I will get back with you when I get an answer.


Can you update the 50 Miler award requirements to follow the BSA requirements?

  1. Make complete and satisfactory plans for the trip, including the possibilities of advancement.
  2. Cover the trail or canoe or boat route of not less than 50 consecutive miles; take a minimum of five consecutive days to complete the trip without the aid of motors. (In some areas pack animals may be used.)
  3. During the time on the trail or waterway, complete a minimum of 10 hours each of group work on projects to improve the trail, springs, campsite, portage, or area. If, after checking with recognized authorities, it is not possible to complete 10 hours each of group work on the trail, a similar project may be done in the unit’s home area. (There should be no unauthorized cutting of brush or timber.)
  4. Unit or tour leader must then file a 50-Miler Award application with the local council service center. This application gives additional details about planning the trip.

Hi @MatthewPodraza

I added the requirements. If you have already added the award to a scout, you will want to delete it and add the new award with the requirements.

The adult award is updated. Can you update the Scout award as well?

I did update the Scout award. I actually retired the one we currently had and added a new one in its place with the requirements.

I’m seeing the same thing. We want to track adult progress towards earning their knots, but only see “Service Stars” under Achievements -> Start Achievement. There’s no option for scrolling down or anything…

I do not see adult awards as available for our troop. Is there something broken or is this issue not solved yet?

We have adults that have earned the 50-miler award and Mile Swim and the only thing I see available to our adults is Varsity pins.

Please advise. Thanks!

Is there any update to this bug?