Adult Award: District Award of Merit

can you add District Award of Merit under Adult Awards?

misty cotton

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@melissa, will you please add this? Thank you.

Hello @MistyBrandon-Cotton

I added the award for you! Have a great day.

Where are the adult awards? Would like to add knots, silver beaver and other awards to those that have earned them. Thank-you

Basically the same as for Scouts, Profile, Achievements, Start Achievement, Adult Awards. If you don’t see them then they may be disabled for your unit in Settings, Manage Active Achievements.

Went to Settings,
Manage Active Achievements and don’t have Adult Awards listed.


@dave, I was doing some testing on this yesterday and for my profile I get this, when going to Achievements -> Start Achievements:
Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 8.46.51 AM
However another adult in my Pack Nick H, I get this:

@brian.moll, are you seeing something like the first screen shot?

I get this

This is what I have when I go to settings-manage achievements
Other Achievements Used by Your Crew

1-year service star

10-year service star

2-year service star

20-year service star

3-year service star

30-year service star

4-year service star

40-year service star

5-year service star

50-year service star

6-year service star

60-year service star

7-year service star

70-year service star

75-year service star

8-year service star

80-year service star

85-year service star

9-year service star

90-year service star

Arts and Hobbies Bronze Award

Cyber Chip

Discovery Award

Dr. Albert Einstein Supernova Award

Dr. Sally Ride Supernova Award

Emergency Preparedness Award

Firem’n Chit

Gold Award

Hang On!


Numbers Don’t Lie

Outdoor Bronze Award

Outdoor Ethics Action Award

Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award

Pathfinder Award

Power Up

Quest Award

Quest Fitness and Sports Award

Ranger Award

Ranger Award (new)

Religious Life Bronze Award

Sea Scout Bronze Award

Silver Award

Sports Bronze Award

Summit Award

Totin’ Chip


TRUST Award (new)

Venturing Award

Venturing Leadership Award

Venturing Shooting Sports Outstanding Achievement Award

Wright Brothers Supernova Award OPTION 1

Wright Brothers Supernova Award OPTION 2

I don’t see Silver Beaver award as well

Is there any updates on this issue? Thank-You

Is there any news on why I don’t see adult awards?

Hi @brian.moll,

I can help add any adult award for you. It looks like you would like Silver Beaver and Knots. Do you have any other? Are there requirements that need to be added for the awards? Let me know and I can get them in the system for you.


Yes, can you please add the adult knots and the silver beaver award, plus the the district award of merit as well. Thank-you

I am unable to see or manage adult awards and knots. I am also unable to create them. Thanks

Are you sure you have the proper privileges?

I have everything checked under units, household, self, patrol/den

You should have “Create a New Custom Award” on the right side of the screen under Settings - Custom Awards?

I get this when I try to create a new custom award:

The page you were looking for doesn’t exist.

You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved.

There must be something more specific going on then. It does not appear to be a site wide issue as I am able to get the /manage/troop_awards/new page. @Tyler, FYI.

Could be that we are setup as a Crew and not Troop and a page or service is not available to us?