Add Cellular Provider

Would you please add a cellular provider so we can send texts to:

Hi @JamesARussell,

This is the service we use for texting:

I don’t think they support what you are asking for right now.

Can’t carriers be added via editing the configuration, sms-easy.yml?

The sms-easy.yml file contains supported carriers. I’m not sure if just adding a new carrier to that list will make it work.

Also, I’m not entirely sure about "". “SMSEasy relies on free carrier-specific email-to-SMS gateways” and appears to be a similar service.

If you know something I don’t, please let me know. I’d love to help if I can.

@mlsully2002 Let’s discuss how this works today. We can add carriers to the configuration as @emfabric suggests if the carrier supports email-to-sms.

What email address do these get sent from? Is it a group specific one or a generic TroopTrack one?

If it’s a group specific one could you please also add:
Synergy Wholesale (Australia) -
and let us know the email address you send from so I can add that to the approved list.

There are a number of commercial email to SMS providers in Australia - there aren’t any free ones I know of. They all do the authorisation based on the email address it comes from. So if you use a generic email address for every group it won’t work - one person would end up paying for all the groups who said they wanted to use that service. If it is sent from a group specific email address that would be ok because I could add that to our account on the email->sms system and only pay for my groups SMS’s.