Google Voice as a Wireless Provider for Texts?


Is there any chance of adding Google Voice as a “wireless carrier” for the purpose of sending Texts?


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Hi @njmike,

Currently Google Voice doesn’t support email to sms (which is what we use for our text messages) so we cannot add this feature. It looks like people are asking for it on Google’s feature request pages but it’s not there yet.

Have a nice day!

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Ah, bummer. Thanks for looking into it.

Do we know if there’s been any changes at google for email to sms. Id prefer using my google voice number so it hits all my devices.

Ditto, my own number is Google Voice & as well our pack phone number is google voice. Any chance the backend has changed?

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I can see that this topic is old, but Google Voice still isn’t added. I too wonder if there’s a back-end improvement that could make this available.

Google Voice still doesn’t support an email to SMS gateway. Sorry.

We use email to SMS gateways because it is the only free way to send texts. If we were to send actual text messages the charges would be substantial and we would need to charge troops for the messages they send.

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