Added functionality in Email

The html text editor you use for email, CKeditor, appears to be a very stock configuration.
Would it be possible to get other features added to it?

The ability to preview the email prior to sending. A nicely made email looks hokey at times
due to stock formatting choices.

Another would be the ability to upload some basic images for inclusion.

Finally, the ability to use tables for formatting would be helpful as well, including BG images…

All are LGPL or GPL, so licensing is not an issue.

My $0.02

Hi @DonaldFox,

We didn’t really intend for there to be any heavy editing using the email feature in TroopTrack. We used to call it “Quick Message” because the intention was for you to hop in, send a message, and move on.

You do have the ability to send emails from your personal client and that would include most of these features. It is our intention to get rid of CKeditor when we find a suitable replacement.


OKIE Dokie…

I was going on from the premise that some of our Adults are not exactly techno-savvy, and while, YES,
while they can use email, it’s been shown that with our group, at least, that having it all in one spot,
where they can use predictive typing to get the individual’s name(s) to those they want to email,
they are unsure as how to copy email addresses from TT to their own email clients/sites.

It’s much easier to show them as a group how to do something and get them familiar with, rather than
figuring out how to customize each client the older volunteers use.

Thanks, anywayz

On thing you may Matt may have not noticed:: Some troops (like ours) require adults to use TroopTrack when emailing scouts.

Firstly, because using TroopTrack makes sure everyone is using the correct (updated) email address.

Second, and the VERY big reason, this is to ENSURE that there is no 1:1 adult-to-scout emailing occurring per BSA guidelines.

In TroopTrack, when someone emails a scout, the parents are copied on the email (you have to turn this TroopTrack feature on). Using your own email client DOES NOT DO THIS.

So, I’d drop the assumption that using TroopTrack is just for quick emails.

Perhaps a feature would be to have so that all emails will hit TroopTrack and copies go to their parents.

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I just repeated what our CTO told me about the feature. I’m not just sitting here pulling stuff out of thin air. The bottom line is: It would be a waste of time and money for us to do any enhancements to CKeditor when we are trying to completely replace it.

Thank you for your understanding.

Now, that makes it clearer. I wasn’t aware until now, it was being replaced.

Good info… thx

It sure would be nice if you published your bug list in priority order, and your feature list in priority order.

I’ve reported a few bugs that really make life miserable, and I have no clue as to when they might be fixed.

Thanks for the support!

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