Text Editor Formatting for Email

Our Troop sends out a weekly update to Troop members. Since the text editor was upgraded, we have had formatting issues in the appearance of the email when it is viewed by our members.

We use a google doc to write the update. We use bullet and indented bullets to organize the information in the update. The text is is copied from the google doc and pasted into the text editor. The format appears in the text editor box as it does in the google doc. However, once the update is emailed out of TT, there are spacing issues around the bulleted content (I attempted to paste in a screen clip from an email as an example).

Is anyone else experiencing the issue and if so is the a way to fix it?

Rob Major

Hi Rob,

How was this suppose to look? What did the original look like?

Are you creating these emails through the normal Send An Email option on TroopTrack?


Hi Tyler, I am creating these these using the Send an Email Option on TT.

This is how it should look when properly formatted. This is how it looks when I paste it in to the Send an Email Text Editor.

Inline image