Admin for two TT4 accounts, banner color change?

I am the account admin for two different TT accounts and we have families with scouts in both units. With TT4, the color distinction option was removed from the header so it is harder to easily distinguish which site account we are on. Can this be an option again for TT4 or some other way to change the color of the banner/background?

Yes, you can change the Theme for each unit under your individual account. Your name menu Choose a Theme.

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Yes, Aaron is correct. Now in TroopTrack each individual user can pick a theme of their choosing.

You can also change the theme for the whole group/troop/pack. Of course you must have the correct privilege to do this as a leader. To do this you click on the settings icon (the gear icon) next to your name:

Then in the main settings menu click “Edit Troop Settings”:

Then on the Edit Troop Settings page select the “TroopTrack Settings” tab:

On the TroopTrack Settings tab there is a Theme dropdown that you can select a variety of themes from. Once you select your theme be sure to click “Update Settings” at the bottom of the page to save the newly selected settings.