Feeling Creative? Want to make your own theme?

TroopTrack 4 is based on Twitter Bootstrap 4, a CSS framework that is used by millions of web sites. It is very customizable, and not that difficult to do. So… want to try your hand at making your own theme for TroopTrack 4? Here’s a great tool to do that with:


When you’ve got a theme you like, send the minified bootstrap file to support@trooptrack.com. We’ll check it out, and if it looks nice we’ll add it to the list of available themes.

We are especially interested in themes that use the official color palette of your organization.

Have fun!


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Would making a custom theme allow us to cut out undesired things that are currently visible on my main page? Or is this focused mainly on color layouts? Most of what is currently present isn’t used by anyone in our pack and being able to customize it might improve adoption of the tool.

Would this avenue for modifications allow us to do individual den calendars?

That’s not really what we had in mind for themes. Which features would you want to be able to opt-out of? We’ve been gradually adding those abilities to TroopTrack. For example, you can opt out of tracking achievements, money, and some other features.

You couldn’t do den calendars with CSS either, but it’s an idea I’m interested in. Have you added it to the “Ideas” category?


In our pack we only use pack calendar and payment features in TroopTrack. Everything else we don’t use to include advancement tracking. Occasionally we will use communication but SB handles it a lot easier.

So I guess cutting everything out but the calendar and maybe 3-4 upcoming events would be ideal. Everything else is clutter at the moment.

Eventually we will have a full-blown feature enabling system, but not in TT4. It’s come up before though, and I think it’s important.

I see an “AHG” theme in the preview, but no link to the preview site and selecting it doesn’t seem to provide the same behavior as the other themes. Is that still in progress?

Oops. I thought I had deleted that one. I was trying to create a theme with AHG colors but it doesn’t work well.