Adult Coordinator on Events

I’m starting this as a question, but maybe it becomes an idea later. If I understand correctly, naming someone as an Adult Coordinator doesn’t grant that person any special abilities to control that event. Is that right?

My assumption/hope was that the coordinator would be able to control certain aspects of the event. But in my testing, I believe that the only thing that happens is that the adult coordinator is listed under the description saying contact them for help on this trip.

So if I am correct about the current functionality, here are the things that I’d like to see connected to the Adult Coordinator.

  1. At a minimum, list the coordinator’s email address next to the name in the description so that members know how to contact the coordinator.
  2. Give the coordinator access to the gray manage bar for that event only. That way, the coordinator can control all of the communication for that event.

We have a group of about 8 leaders that will be the coordinator for 1 or 2 trips during the course of the year. I really don’t want to give them all the rights to manage events because they would have full control over all events, not just the one or two that they manage.