Change the "owner" of a calendar event?

I think the answer is “no”, but I’ll ask anyway: Is there to change the owner of a calendar event? The reason is that I schedule a bunch of future troop meetings, but then a scout takes responsibility for running the meeting and updates the event details accordingly.

When a meeting notification goes out, sometimes the recipients reply to the notification (with a question about the event), but the reply comes to me, not the scout who is responsible (and last edited) the event. It would be nice if there was a way to change that by a) allowing the owner of the event to be changed or, b) sending replies to notifications to the Adult Coordinator and Scout Coordinator for the event.


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Our troop would find value in being able to edit this field via an API call.

Not currently a feature. Enhancement ticket #2384

Not to hijack this thread, but it would be great if the API even disclosed the fields for creator, adult coordinator, and girl coordinator.