Agenda View suggestions

Agenda view is pretty good but missing some basic functions:

  1. Ability to see ALL rsvps for an event. Right now you see just Scouts attending - it would be better if it were “#Scouts / #YouthGuests / # Adult Guests”

  2. Ability to scroll back and view past events.

  3. Ability to print events from a date range (i.e. all events from the beginning of the year to the current date) - useful to print out a final list of all events done that year for your scrapbook and/or to avoid duplication the next year.

  4. Ability to COPY an event then edit it slightly. Useful for events that occur each year or are similar but with minor changes (i.e. events with 2 or more sign-up sessions on one day)

  5. Better print functionality. If I print my screen view (Ctrl+P), it fits better on a page than using the printer icon (3 pages vs 11). The PDF font is way too large and wastes a lot of space for the names - a smaller font and resizing of the columns of data would eliminate the paper waste and make it easier to read.


Agree with point 2 - Would love to scroll through past and future events with the Agenda View. Maybe add the Paging buttons similar to the Calendar View. Have a “< Previous Month”, “Now”, “Next Month” > or Drop down for the date to view with Month and Year.

I like the Printing idea - I can see this being helpful for a quick summary for our Monthly PLC and Committee Meetings.

A template event would be awesome - Scoutmaster Conferences Opportunities, Committee Meetings, Courts of Honor, Camping Trips - each as types.


Good morning @karengottlieb and @MatthewPodraza,

Thanks for using the Community!

Thank you guys for the suggestions and supporting the suggestions. Before our developers will consider adding a new feature, we need to get some more support behind it. Let’s get some more +1’s and comments of agreement and then we can move forward with development.

Thank you and have a nice day!

I would also like to add:
6. Use a format like EVITE that allows including a JPG or PNG image (for a flyer or event photo) would be extra nice. :slight_smile:
7. The ability to create a DRAFT event and not publish it (“save the date”) until all info is received would be useful.


How about being able to choose which Event Types are shown on the agenda, year at a glance, or calendar print-outs? We have a “Leaders’ Calendar” as an event type, as well as one for our Charter Organization’s calendar and local school system. These are simply to help with planning, etc., but it’s confusing for new parents when a hard-copy I’ve given them is different than what they see online.


Just an FYI but we do with with event type colors on the calendar…maybe it will work for you, too. We created a custom type for “optional” events (like festivals, museum free days, etc.) that they may want to attend but are not official scout events. Holidays are a different color, as our troop meetings so they stand out.

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I give votes for #1 - 3.
I would also like an option to filter to only events with RSVP so I can filter to outings as we do not have RSVP for Troop Mtgs.
I am especially wanting #1. I think its a bug now as it reports: “Confirmed Attendees” and “# attendees are coming”. This is misleading as it looked like an event that had a capacity limit was not at capacity because it had guests. Slight disagreement on wording for #1 by the way, it is not just scout it is registered users (scout & adult).

Let me know if you agree that #1 should be filed as a bug vs a feature request.

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