RSVP Notes and other improvements, plus a look ahead (09/18/2015)

Good morning! Happy Friday!

We have been getting a lot of requests lately for the ability to include a note when you RSVP for an event. Well... you asked and we delivered. It went live this morning. 

Also going live this morning, our BETA of Sea Scouts and Civil Air Patrol. If you are involved with either of these groups, please give it a spin.

We have also included a few minor security tweaks and some performance enhancements that improve the speed of power search and anything related to achievements.

What's next? I'm not entirely sure. Here are some things I am considering, in the order I am considering them:

1) Dashboard. I've already started work on this, but it's not quite ready to go. There's a chance it will be ready next week, but we will see. 

2) "My Events" filter on the calendar. We currently show all events, all the time. This feature would add a filter to show only your events. This would become the default, with the option to view all events.

3) Streamlined event creation. Basically a spreadsheet that lets you plan your recurring events in a snap.

4) Newsletter improvements. The newsletter is plain looking and can be hard to read. Let's make it look nice and more relevant by only showing events the recipient is invited to.

5) Events without RSVPs. This is a common request, to be able to have events where you aren't expected to RSVP.

Feel free to let me know what you think!

~ Dave

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