AHG Camping (Pi/Pa)

Similar to AHG Book Adventurer (Pi/Pa), there is a display mismatch between the column headings and data for the AHG Camping (Pi/Pa) badge in the Incomplete Achievement Book. The date corresponding to Night 1 falls below the column header Night 2, date 2 below header 3, and others in a cascading fashion.

The heading for required sixth element “6: Temporary shelters” is to the right of “7: Camping nights” and its 10 subcolumns. If the header for 6 was tucked between “5: Emergency plan” and “7:Camping nights” / “Night 1” instead, the camping nights data would line up properly.

When I view the individual records, they are correct so I do not think it is a record storage issue.

Thank you for addressing this concern to minimize confusion.


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This still seems to be an issue.