Camping Badge AHG

Could you please add 12 separate sub-requirements (like a., b., etc.) that can be filled in with a date under AHG Camping badge requirement number 16? We are finding it very hard keeping up with records of camping nights for this badge.

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Just chiming in to say we agree with this request. I was logging on to ask for something similar on several badges. Even just a set of check boxes - a space for the date next to the check box would be great, but we would be happy with just a check box. Another couple of badges that need something like this: Our Feathered Friends, (5 birdwatching experiences); – and I can’t think of the others right at the moment. :wink:


I noticed that my daughter’s AHG Camping badge is now listed as “Camping (E) (old).” I thought I would find the “new” version also listed, but all I see when I check the list under Incomplete Achievement Book is “Camping”, “Camping (E) (old)” and “Camping PI/PA (old)”.

From my daughter’s profile, I clicked on “Start Achievement” and found “Camping (E)” (there was no “old” or “new”), and added it. I copied the completed requirements from the “old” badge req’s to the “new” badge req’s. When I go back to Incomplete Achievements, I still only see the same 3 Camping badges listed: “Camping”, “Camping (E) (old)” and “Camping PI/PA (old)”.

Should I be able to see the new “Camping (E)” badge listed in Incomplete Achievements as well?


Hi @mwestcott,

You don’t need to make any changes here. We’ve just enhanced the way users can track individual campouts. You may use it, but you don’t have to. Just a slight change.

I looked at the achievement overview for your daughter and it appears to be there.


Thank you! This is a great feature. I really appreciate how much time you guys put into continual improvement of the product.