AHG Girl Leadership Positions

I’d like the remaining AHG Girl leadership positions added (Senior Girl Leader, Unit Reporter, Flag Ceremony Coordinator, and Squad Scribe). It’d be nice if we could add them to girls to keep track of them but that they don’t bring the girls into the adult leadership email list, etc.

It would also be helpful to choose at what level the girl was when she participated in this leadership position (similar to service hours) for record keeping purposes.

A checkbox to indicate whether the position was a team lead (and thus making the girl eligible for Senior Girl Leader) would be nice.

Finally (and eventually), a filtering for all positions to see who is eligible for other positions would be much appreciated.


This would be awesome! We are moving our Pi/Pa’s to a group like this and will need this flexibility as well!

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I agree - “Patrol Leader” is more of a BSA title. How about President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. for girl leadership roles and/or custom roles you can create as needed? I would also like to see the past leadership history for ALL girls - once they have held a position, it should be included on their achievement report. I will be giving each of my girls a report for their school service hours and achievements once they reach high school age.

Have you seen the new girl leadership guide?! AHG has volunteer descriptions to go with a number of new girl leader positions! :slight_smile:

I have added these youth positions to TroopTrack! :slight_smile:

Thought I would share a funny - I’ve always wanted the title of Overlord of Scouting. It is probably only a posthumous title.


@MatthewPodraza Haha! I have added the position you requested! :grin:


Thank you! Sorry, totally meant to tell you and got distracted by the Overlord comment :slight_smile:

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Can you add the Girl Leadership Positions of “Flag Team” and “Song/Skit Team”

Thank you for all you do for the AHG ministry. Peace and Love of the Lord Jesus Christ, Tanya De HoyosTx0131

@TanyaDeHoyos I added the positions! Have a great day :slight_smile:

They are still showing up under Adult Leadership. Anyway we can get a Youth Leadership area?

@KarlaPuschaver I just checked, and they are showing up in the Youth Leadership. Please check again and let me know if you are still having a problem.

Can I get the Communications Coordinator and Flag Ceremony Trainer added to the AHG girl leadership positions? We’ve added these 2 positions to our troop this year. Thanks!