AHG Mission Minded Badge

The Mission Minded badge for the American Heritage Girls is not working to calculate 100% complete like all of our other badges, For instance, usually when we record the date that requirements were completed as soon as we enter the date on the final requirement the completed date box auto fills and the badge calculates as 100% complete. This is NOT happening with the Mission Minded badge. We are having to enter the completed box date manually. Although this isn’t a huge inconvenience, it makes us nervous that for some reason we haven’t met all of the requirements even though according to our handbook and the notes in the troop track system it looks like we have? Can someone please look into this?

Hi @KeriRutland1,

Which Mission Minded are you using? There are different badges scoped to each level and a general one that might be out of date. If you are using the general one, it may require manual entry. If you are using one of the specific level awards, let me know which one so I can take a closer look.


Specifically we are using the Tenderheart level Mission Minded award.

Thanks for catching this. There was a problem with how the badge was structured. Should be fixed now. Please let me know if you find any others like this.