Announcement sorting

Is it possible to sort the announcements in the Newsletter by the latest announcement at the top. It is counter-intuitive to have to go to the bottom of the newsletter for the latest information. This feature seems pretty straight forward to change the sort criteria and redisplay the information. Parents would be extremely happy for this change!

Daniel Victor
Troop 701 Admin


Thank you for this enhancement request. Let’s hear a bit more from the community to see who else would benefit from this idea.


I agree, it makes more sense to have new announcements listed at the top of the page.


I’d like to sort my announcements in any order I choose. Or at least by the date they end, with the one ending the soonest being at the top.

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I can see being able to sort or at least have the option to rank announcements from most important to the least ( or furthest date) something that is useful. I have to play with the dates to get it close to the order I want. I like it.

Looks like this idea is getting some traction. I can definitely add this to our feature request list. I will check in with our technical team to see what implementing something like this would take. Thanks everyone!


Did the idea of altering the announcement sort order come to fruition? If so, what / where are the controls? (I tried dragging an announcement to a new spot.)

I understand that I can play with the active dates on each message to have the date-ordered sorting work in my favor.