Ability to control order of Announcements

I have seen several ideas and suggestions in regards to giving users the ability to control the order in which announcements appear. What is the expectation for comments like these to be heard and/or see replies?

I like the fact you can control how announcements appear with a start/end date feature. What is very frustrating for me (and I hope other units) is that I would like to control the order of my announcements so the most relevant is first. As much as we would like our communications to be fully read, I assume that I loose my audience at times 1/2 way through.

I WANT MY MOST RELEVANT ITEMS ON TOP. In order for me to accomplish this, I must play with my announcements and pay attention to how I create them. This creates a lot of work on a regular basis (we send communications weekly). Is there any hope in the future for us to control the order in which our announcements appear? (outside of create date)

Can I suggest that the last save date be used to sort? (If created, its the same as the create date, if changed a week later, I would the the recent date saved.) This way if I would like to reorder my announcements, I don’t have to delete and recreate them in the proper order. I only need to edit and “save” them once I have them created.


Doing some playing with this, I found that I can control the order by changing the start date (older first). So my initial concern about how I create them is not relevant… Could there still be an easier way with this?

I was just dealing with this very problem today. Four announcements, and I had to redo them to get them in the proper order.

Thanks for sharing the trick to vary the start date - that will help.

I found myself today looking for that little icon you can use to slide things around to reorder them…