Assigning Merit Badges to a Rank automatically

I’m wondering if the feature to be able to automatically tell what Rank a merit badge applies to when entered into troop track has been implemented yet?

For Example:

If an eagle badge is earned the first Four Eagle badges earned should go toward Star Rank and then the next 3 should be applied toward Life Rank the last 6 toward Eagle Rank.

Similarly, the First 2 non-eagle badges earned should be applied toward Star Rank

The next 2 should be applied to Life Rank

The next 4 toward Eagle Rank

Any other applied to appropriate Palm Levels.

Thank you!

This is not something that is automatic but must be manually input from the Merit Badge Screen. For now it would be a good thing to have the Advancement Chair select whey they are inputing the Merit Badge.

Thank you Aaron, I have been doing this and was hoping to have this feature added so I no longer have to do this. We have a very large troop of 85 scouts and with all the merit badges they earn, this is just a lot of extra work that can be done automatically!

Please consider.

I can only imagine how much entry you must have to do with that many scouts, especially after summer camp. Hopefully this is something they are looking at doing.