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Is RSVP data supposed to disappear? For just about every one of our events, the RSVP data vanishes once the event has passed. Is that the way it’s supposed to work, or is there something that we do that causes this behavior?

I have been using that data to help with accounting - tracking AR and reconciling accounts after the fact - without it, it’s much more time consuming and manual.


The behavior you are observing is the same in our account. If you go into the attendance tab, you ought to be able to see the original responses. I agree that it would be more helpful if the lists could be marked a “unconfirmed” or something rather than disappearing from the main notice but at least it is not fully cleared.

The process for TT is Event Creation, RSVP, Event Takes place, Leader marks attendance in TT for those that attended so their accounts are recorded with proper data for Camping nights and or event participation. The Attendance page will sort by default with those that RSVPd yes, then Maybe, then No, and lastly no response.Once you mark people as attended then the Event page shows that information.


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@AaronStorey is correct. Once an event passes you’ll need to record attendance for that event. Then you can see who attended/did not attend.

When recording attendance you can view who RSVP’d and who didn’t, but the event will no longer show RSVP’d/Didn’t. This is because the event has already happened and attendance now needs to be taken for that event. Not everyone who RSVP’s goes, and not everyone who doesn’t RSVP doesn’t go.


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