RSVPs deleted after event date

Hi all - I am still relatively new to TroopTrack and am just starting to use the money tracking features, which I am excited to have…except that I just ran into a problem. We had people RSVP for an event with an associated cost. The event is now past, and I sat down today to enter money that people had given me for their “personal accounts.” The charges for the event are not showing up, and I can no longer see who RSVPed for the event, so I can’t easily recreate the attendance list. Is this how it is supposed to work??? I thought the system would keep the RSVP list and then charge guests’ accounts after the date of the event. Right now it looks as though charges weren’t recorded and the guest list is gone. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance.

Hi @KMAquino,

Will you please give me the date of the event so I can take a closer look?

Thank you.

It was a pumpkin patch event on October 15. After posting my question, I went in and manually recorded people I knew attended the event,so you will now see that there were attendees. However, it still seems like the money isn’t being debited at all. For example, I marked Leslie Osterholz as an adult who attended, but her account has not been debited for that. I apologize in advance if the issue is (ahem) user failure, as I am still learning my way around the nuances of TroopTrack. If I can get it to work the way I think it will, I know I will love it. Thank you for any help you can provide!

It looks like you did not press “Payment required to RSVP”. That means users can RSVP without their account being charged.

You have it set up to allow people to pay with their individual account so if you require payment, it will charge their accounts when they RSVP. So next time, just hit that required button and you will be able to see the charges and balance them out when you’ve received physical payment.


Oh gosh! I misunderstood what the “payment required to RSVP” meant. I thought it meant that people were required to have funds already in their account in order to RSVP, and that’s not how we intend to use TT. I am sorry for my confusion. Thank you for such a prompt and helpful reply. One other clarification: if I set it up the way you describe, it will NOT delete RSVPs after the event, right? Maintaining that record is important for me.

At no time should the system delete RSVPs. They may appear in a different form (such as Plan > Record Attendance), but I don’t think RSVPs are deleted unless someone deletes them.