Badge Book not reflecting Completed Achievements

I am trying to close out my Tiger den advancement. When I go to Badge Book > Award = Tiger Badge (2016+), all but 2 of my scouts are showing more than 0% achieved. When I click on their badge achievement to get the details, it shows 0% achieved for all the required, the elective and YPT. Yet, if I go directly to the Achievement tab in the scout’s profile, the same ones that show 0% from the Badge Book screen show 100% completed.

This is completely inaccurate. I’m showing 1 scout at 100% and one scout at 55% and the other 10 scouts in my den at 0% even though they have most, if not all, of the required and elective achievements signed off in their account.

I have seen in the past where the individual adventures for Cub Ranks get separated from the Badge itself. The Badge will show as 0% even though the individual adventures are completed. If I remember right I had to add Tiger Badge 2016 and it then it automatically connected with the individual Adventures then remove the one that showed 0%. I have not seen that in a while but I think it has to do with what is selected when doing bulk updates if someone accidentally selects an incorrect badge or something like that. It was a while ago. Really look at one Scouts Achievements page and see if there is anything odd on that page.

Thanks for the information. Sounds like other leaders in our Pack will be moving away from TT for Advancements and doing it straight through Scoutbook. It’s just too difficult and cumbersome to keep the two in sync. We’ll probably stick with TT for all the other features, but probably not advancement.

@AndrewDelosky, That is unfortunate. I am curious why you want the two in sync rather than just using TT for tracking Advancements and then uploading to BSA before awards are presented to get them into the official record? Is this parent driven requests, a historical use of ScoutBook or some other reason?