BASICS - Configuring your Pack/Troop in TroopTrack

One of our Awesome users made this video to explain how to set up your troop’s settings.

from TroopTrack on Vimeo

Hey everyone,

Just going to show ya’ll how to configure your organization with the newest version of TroopTrack.

To manage information about your group click the Settings, it looks like a gear, icon.

Then click “Edit Troop Settings”.

You’ll get to a page looking similar to this:

This is your basic Troop information. You can enter your district and council information, and also create a header.

You can view your domain name by clicking “Webmaster Tools”.

That will take you to the webmaster tools page. Here you can easily manage your webpage settings, integrate with google webmaster tools, and change how the calendar displays for members of the unit.

Below the TroopTrack pages site you still have the option of using an external site as well.

You can then go to “TroopTrack Settings”. This will allow you to choose if you want to use TroopTrack to manage finances, enable our newest feature of Chatterboxes (for team communication), and so much more. It also lets you set up your email settings, or completely disable them if you choose.

When you click on “Site Wide Announcement” this will enable you to create an announcement, so that anyone who logs in (and no matter what page they go to) they will see whatever message you’ve created. This is helpful for reminders of an important event, birthdays, or however you choose to use it!

Next you can easily manage your Charter Organization as well. Just click “Charter Organization”, and you’ll see the page to update your charter. Here you can put in the address, phone number, and name of the charter. If it changes, no worries, you can always come back here and update it!

You can also easily integrate your calendar here too. Simply click “Calendar Integration”, and you can integrate your TroopTrack calendar to your google or other 3rd party calendar. That way anyone can see what events are coming up without logging into TroopTrack each and every time.

Simply click “generate” and it will generate a url link.

And that’s the basics of setting up your TroopTrack account!

Thanks ya’ll!

David Keener

@Keener-Trooptrack is there a way to integrate the calendar going forward but not including all the old events that happened before I joined this troop? I don’t really want their data from 2017 in my personal calendar. I tried revoking the link and regenerating but that did not seem to change anything.

The best option is to subscribe, not import the events into your personal account. It is not possible to just see the newest items, the subscription or import would give you everything.

It doesn’t seem possible to subscribe in iCal because the link is not a .ics file.
I’m sorry if I’m being dense. I had this set up in an old troop and it worked just fine. I’m not sure why I’m having trouble this time.

I did get the subscription to work but it does still include events from years ago. I decided it was worth it. All events are on a separate calendar in iCal and I don’t seem to be able to move them to our “family” calendar that my husband and I share.
I do not think this is how it used to work so if there is some other way to set it up I’m open to suggestions! I am wondering if iCal updated and changed it in the last couple years.

Your husband would also need to subscribe to the Troop calendar. By doing a subscription you will automatically get updates, this is how it has worked for a long time. There is one difference if you are an Apple iCloud customer the subscription can be within your iCloud shared calendars, or you can subscribe to the calendar on each device individually. Copying events to a different calendar would not allow for updates to be automatic.