BASICS - Creating a new TroopTrack Account

One of our Awesome users made this video to explain how to create your very own TroopTrack account. If you already have your account, go ahead and watch the next video, BASICS - Configuring your Pack/Troop in TroopTrack.

from TroopTrack on Vimeo

Thank goodness someone is trying to help.

Hey everyone,

We’ve made changes to our website, so here’s how you sign up today!

First click “Try for Free” in the top right corner, or the bottom left.

Then it’ll take you to this page, where you can choose what type of unit, and you input some basic info like your first and last name along with your email. We also like to find out how you heard about us.

Then you can create your username, password, unit number, timezone, and after that you can start your 30-Day Free trial.

From there it’ll bring you to a page that looks like this:

That’s your dashboard, and you’ll see all the ways, like Plan, Manage, Communicate, Achieve, and Share, to start getting your Troop in the system and ready for use.

Then if you click “subscribe now”:

You’ll get re-directed to your account page. Here you can manage your subscription.
There’s 3 online payment options:

  1. Paying annually means you pay $99 for a whole year

  2. Paying $10 per month

  3. Paying $27.00 for 3 months

or you can even send us a check. Just please put the correct account number on the check!

Hope that helps!

David Keener