Calendar emails > recent messages

Would like to have calendar driven emails (invites, reminders) show up in the recent messages area of the software. I’m pretty sure it’s not there currently.


Hi @joshuasanders,

This is not a bad idea at all. Thank you for suggesting it.

While we wait for more feedback from the community, I may have a solution for you. Plan > Calendar, click on an event, click “Edit” and you will be able to see the email sent out for that event or meeting. You could also (from the calendar) click an event, press “Details & RSVP”, and “Email Invitees” if you’d like to send a new email out to those associated with the event.

Hope that helps for now.


Right, I know how to see the content of an email I’m sending out but would like to know if an email actually was sent out and at what time like when I send something to a magic mailing list.

Oh, gotcha!

That makes sense.

Thank you for clarifying.

Definitely a needed feature- I have so many reminders automatically sent through calendar events that I want to make sure to catch anyone who didn’t receive it long before the night of the event.