Adding "email now" option for calendar events

Having an option to “send now” for an event invite/reminder email would allow us to push any changes to the event description out to all invitees right away instead of having to wait until 3am when the TroopTrack emails get automatically sent out by the system.

Currently the drop-downs does include “Send: Today” as an option, but that is misleading since you don’t know when it will actually be scheduled for sending by TroopTrack.

One of my Troop leaders chose the “send today” option late yesterday morning to send an update for the agenda for last night…but it got to everyone’s inbox this morning at 3am. I laughed :grin:

I know the newsletter currently has a “send now” feature, so it would be the same functionality but just for calendar events.


Just ran into this issue today also. A reminder was already sent out for an event, but the event didn’t have all the details. We updated the event with the new details, but didn’t have a way to send out the update other than “Today”. Hoping it will send out the reminder before the event occurs. Having a way to send the event out “now” would be great.

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