Calendar invites are Queuing

We’re trying to create new calendar event where we added to send out invites today. These go into the queuing state but never actually get sent. I just tried creating a test email to myself and then went out right away, by a test event I had create previously is still queuing.

Is there an issue with calendar invites currently?


We’re having the same issue. Becoming urgent …

Its been like this since 3/2 when we first noticed. Still can’t get them to send out!

Same issue.
Multiple adults have tried

Also having an issue sending new meeting invitations. A new invite created yesterday showed that he invitation was queued yesterday. Never received the invitation and the queue message is gone. Tried resending and am now seeing the queued message for the current date.

Any updates on this issue? It is getting frustrating to have events planned and no one is getting the information! I am having to send out an email with the same information and then manually RSVPing people as they respond. Not saving time! Please advise.

“Invitations were queued to send on March 12, 2023” Not going out as stated.

Thank you for all the work you all do to keep this platform running!

@AaronStorey - Our users have been receiving duplicates throughout the day - the same event I’ve received 8 copies of so far. They’re timed anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes apart. This applies to all three of our accounts.

Yes unfortunately the fix for the messages not going out then sent massive amounts of messages. It should be subsiding now and not continue for future event notifications.

The problem seems to be back. It was fixed for a few weeks, but tried to send out a invite from the calendar this week and it’s in the queue. Anyone else still seeing this problem?

Yes, it’ back. They’re queueing for us again, too.