Trooptrack sending duplicate invites (10x today)


TroopTrack has sent out the same invite ten times in the past 4 hours, and I can’t make it stop. None of the leaders were using trooptrack or trying to send anything out today, though it is possible when I made the calendar event (several weeks ago), I scheduled the invite to be sent out 6 weeks in advance.

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We have a meeting scheduled for next week and set invite to send 4 days prior to and remind 1 day before but it has sent 5 in last 2 hours which is 7 days prior.

We also have a few events that are spamming invites today. At least one was set to ‘no invite’ and ‘no reminder’ but has sent new invites every 30 minutes for a couple hours.

There was an issue where invites were not going out at all. The TT admins are attempting to fix that issue, I assume the multiple messages is a byproduct of them fixing the original issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Our troop is having the same issue - thank you for the update! I will notify our families. I went into a few of the calendar activities and noticed that the first reminder notification for all of these events was changed to “14 March” (tomorrow)? I deleted these first reminders in the hopes that may stop the spamming :slight_smile:

I have had 13 event invites going out today for one event and 8 on another and 7 on a third. Yesterday, I was complaining that they were not getting out at all! I take it back! It does make me feel a little better that it is not just me!

Thank you for working to fix this problem!!! My members will be very thankful when it is figured out!

The sending que has completed, the message storm has subsided.


Yay! I am experiencing quiet as well! Is it fixed now? I am nervous about sending invites out now. Is there an explanation and assurance that we can proceed with sending them “once” again?

The reason so many went out was because the sending que was backed up because no messages were going out. Then anytime someone tried to update it created a new que once the issue was fixed all of the queued messages sent. Now that they have all been sent any new events or Reminders will just go out once.

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Thank you for all your work on this!