Cannot enter a 'new event' in March 2018

We can’t create a new event in March 2018 - the date field defaults to the current date of January 16th and cannot be changed?

Uh oh! Was it you or another user trying to create the event? I have not been able to replicate the bug on my end.

I was trying to create an event - I did the following;

When to the month of March
From the Plan Icon menu I selected "Plan an Event"
I begin filling out the fields - working to setup a meeting on March 15th
However the date fields would not allow me to change the date to March
15th - they kept defaulting to the today’s date.
Any thoughts? Thanks, Mike

What browser are you using? Are you doing this from the app or mobile site? When I did it through Google Chrome, I didn’t have any problems. I went to Plan > Plan an Event, clicked the starting date field, changed it to March, clicked a date, and hit done. I did the same thing to change the end date as well.

Since it is working on my end, I am guessing it is something to do with your browser or device.