Adding events - a few suggestions

Hi There,

When planning an event, the “Allow Guests” check box is automatically ticked. It is hidden on the second tab which means whenever you set up an event you need to go to the second tab and uncheck the “Allow Guest” check box. Certainly for me, the vast majority of my events don’t have guests allowed. Would be good to either have this default to not being checked or have it on the front tab.

When you put in the start time, the finish time should default to at least the start date, if not the start time. If you are setting an event for October then you have to scroll through to October for both the start and finish times. Most calendar based events will set the finish date to the start date to make it much quicker and easier.




Hi @Garnet,

For the first part of your request. We have found that a majority of TroopTrack users allow guests and have found that allowing guests by default is the current best method. Sorry for any inconvenience it causes. Luckily it’s only two clicks to change it from the create event page.

For the second part of this request, I think it’s a good idea. I’ll see what others have to say.

Thank you for your suggestions!

That would be more efficient when planning events. Also, the ability to link the sign up page to events from the events page would be nice. Having the ability to go to TT, pull the event up from the calendar, and be able to see any sign up sheets that pertain to the event from there. I think right now, parents are getting two separate emails, one for RSVP to event and another to go and sign up to bring something or do something for that event. My parents are just getting so many emails that they stop looking at them! I’ve got to find a way to consolidate these RSVPs and other emails all into one.


I definitely like the ideas of:

  • end-date defaults to the start-date to simplify range-selection
  • sign-up sheet linking from event sheet. Right now I have to do it manually… selecting from a chooser would be oh-so-nice.

I imagine clicking on the event link, making my RSVP choices, then from there clicking on the sign-up sheet link. Nice idea!


I am not as concerned with allowing guests, but I absolutely agree with the date issues with adding events. The finish date/time should never be before the start so it makes sense that the default end date should be the start date and time.

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Any chance the guest button can be brought to the front page of the event?

I’d second this… and add that the end date for a meeting/event will probably never be 0 minutes (end date = start date), so I’d opt for default meeting duration of an hour. In this case, setting end date = start date + 1 hour.

Thanks for all the cool features, and this one would be really grand, as I’ve had to do this about fifty times in the last month and is really getting tedious.



I am seconding your idea to have the finish time default to at least the start date of the event. That will save some clicks and prevent that annoying error message… :slight_smile:


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I just discovered that if you are looking at the calendar, and click on the date in the date block, a page for a new event will pop up with the date fields already set to that day.

That saves some clicks. :slight_smile: