Can't open members or reports under manage menu

Not sure what is happening, but click on members or reports and it returns to my ‘home’ page.

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same here. Is there a bug on the website admins? I’m trying to access users medical records, can’t get to them. highlighting dropdown menus don’t bring up submenus. Seems to be a big problem right now


Same here. All sub-menus seem to be broken.

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You can either use a mobile browser or close your web browser on the computer and reopen.
Or type in the URL :grin:

If you’re using Chrome, you can simulate a mobile browser, even if you’re on your desktop. While on the trooptrack page, press F12 on your keyboard and in the new windows that opens up, at the top,
just to the left of “Elements”, there is a button that shows a mobile device. Click that and your main browser screen will change to a mobile view. Then you can use the sub-menus.

Also, when you’re at the page that you want, you can click the same button to go back to regular, full size browser mode. You can alternate the view by toggling that button.

Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 10.31.50 AM


Expanding sub-members issues still persists in both Chrome and Edge. Any update on when this is getting fix? This is an important feature.