Can't RSVP using Troop Track App

Most of our events have some type of fee associated with them. Parents continue to say they can’t rsvp using the TroopTrack app because there is a fee associated with the event. Will this be something that we can turn off as a required option in the future so people can use the app to rsvp to events, whether there is a fee or not? Currently, we have to tell people to log onto our website to RSVP vs. just being able to do it right from the app.


In TT when you add something to the calendar, if you click on the advanced tab, there is an option that says something like “require payment to RSVP”. For some reason, it seems that the default for this option is for it to be checked. Uncheck that box, and parents should be able to RSVP through TT.

It would be nice if default for the “require payment to RSVP” would be NO.


Manage - Settings - Online Payments, change the default for Require payment of event fees to RSVP to an event? to No that way when creating an event even with a fee it will default to not require payment to RSVP. Truthfully not sure this actually fixes Nhaggenjos problem of the Mobile App RSVP though.

Yep, I just tried and even with the “require payment to RSVP” off the Mobile App still does not allow you to RSVP. There are many shortcomings in the MobileApp and if any parents ask me about it I tell them not to bother purchasing it. The website actually works very well from a mobile browser and now with the direct RSVP from e-mail its not nearly as necessary.

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