Option to rsvp without paying not working

I have an event in Trooptrack, and added the ticket price. I didn’t check off “Payment required to rsvp” because I want people to be able to rsvp without paying right away. But the only option next to their names is a “Purchase Ticket/RSVP” button, which takes you to a screen where you have to purchase a ticket to rsvp Yes. I thought in the past that there were two buttons to rsvp. One was blue and said something like “RSVP” and there was a green one below it that said “Purchase Ticket”.

Have you double checked the event to make sure Payment required to RSVP is off? I just created a test event and when that is off I see RSVP, then under Purchase Ticket/RSVP. I enabled the requirement and RSVP went away, then disabled and RSVP came back. The color will depend on your theme but here is what mine looks like.

Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 9.43.33 AM

When I went back to look, it now looks like yours, but the whole time the requirement to pay when rsvp’ing has not been checked off.
So I went to another event and added the fees to it and it it doing it again, only giving the option to pay. And the requirement to pay is definitely not selected. Maybe it will fix itself in a day? But there’s definitely something not right, and parents have mentioned this to me before.

That is strange. I would suggest sending an e-mail to support@trooptrack.com with the details of the issue. Just be aware this is their busiest time of year and they are short one staff member currently so it will take time for them to respond.

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You’re right that they must be busy. I emailed 2 weeks ago and still haven’t heard. I suppose this isn’t critical, though. Thanks!

It’s been a month now with no response from support, so I just sent my email again. Sigh

They are crazy busy still and have not replaced the staff member that moved on.