Changing a User's Profile Photo and Profile Information

About Profile Info

Profile info includes nine sections:

  1. Profile Picture
  2. Basic Info
  3. Driver Info
  4. Medical Form
  5. Medical Info
  6. Contact Info
  7. Households
  8. Registration
  9. Notes

Here's a picture of the demographic form so you can see all the information kept here:


How To Get There

First go to the profile of the person whose information you want to change. You can do this in three ways - by clicking on the Manage Button and then finding the member you are interested in, by selecting the User Manage option from the Manage Button, or by using the Quick Nav, as shown below:


Once you are on a user's profile, you can view all 9 categories from their default profile page. By clicking edit on any one of the categories will allow you to change the info in that category.


You will need to save each individual form to keep your changes in each section.

Uploading a Profile Photo or a Medical Form

Two important pieces of information that are accessible in the Profile section are the profile photo and the medical form. You can upload files for each of these sections by clicking the edit button. This will then pull up a box, which will allow you to upload a file.