Self-Upload of Medical Forms

Medical forms are typically an administrative pain point, especially with a large troop with many scouts and adult leaders. We currently have people email the forms or hand in a paper copy. Someone has to frequently monitor the mailbox and then download the forms and save them to a cloud drive.

Love the functionality for tying the medical form to the user profile. Is there a way for a user to upload their own medical form directly to the medical form section of their profile (and not the general file attachments)?

We were planning on having them upload instead of email or print, but the only way we see now is if they upload as a file attachment to their profile then somebody has to download it and re-upload it to their medical profile. In that case, we might as well continue to have people email the forms.

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watching this thread as our Troop has the same question… Your workflow is exactly what we are looking for and makes the most sense.

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UPDATE: In some cases we’ve had users upload their own files. You’ll have to grant them access to the following and then instruct them to attach the file to their profile under “Files”:

  • Manage user files: Add and delete user-specific files
  • View user files: View user-specific files

There are a couple of snags:

  1. File Size - the current size limitation of 1MB for attachments won’t work for many multi-page PDFs that were scanned in. You’ll need to either shrink the file somehow or perhaps break it up into two or three pieces for Part A, Part B and Part C and submit as separate files.
  2. Another issue is around privacy permissions. This works great at the “Self” or “Household” level, but creates an issue if you grant that level of access to someone at the Patrol or Unit level. If you grant them that access so they can upload their own files, they’ll also be able to view the files of other users, even if they weren’t granted the access to “Manage medical book”. I haven’t tested that, but presume it would be a privacy issue.

We’ve predominately fallen back to the old method of emailing as an attachment or handing in a paper copy.

It would be better if they could upload the forms directly to the medical section of their profile, but you still might encounter the 1MB file size limitation.

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The 1MB limit has been fixed.

Unfortunately, it still exists for us since we have a custom (vanity) domain and nginx’s default Request Body Size Limit is 1M which is applied to all proxy requests, resulting in this error:


I tested it both with and without the custom domain and it works as you mentioned only when using the domain, not our custom domain.

A change in the default value of client_max_body_size in nginx.conf is probably required to support your new max file size.

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Please send that information to

YOu would think this would have been a day-one option… They can change their photo, why not a medical form???

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